Welcome to Shocking Stuff!  My name Joel, and this is my blog.  I am a Red Seal Journeyman Electrician in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  I received my ticket in 2005.  I have worked, with my family’s company All Star Electric Ltd, in the trade on and off since the summer of 1994 (I was in grade 9).  I got my start in the trade working summers through high school with my Dad.  My duties were helping to put on plugs and switches, hanging small lights, general site clean up, and running for material from the vehicles, and once I got my license,  from wholesalers.

After high school, I decided to try my hand at university, but quickly realized it wasn’t for me.  I felt at the time, and to this day, that university is a waste of money, especially if you aren’t sure what you want to do.  So naturally, I decided to return to the family business and was welcomed with open arms.  That was in January of 2001.  Fast forward to September of 2020.  I still work with the family company, but am currently off on disability.  I had my ACL and meniscus fixed in my left knee (injured playing soccer and not at work), so my last month and a half have been wasted sitting on the couch watching episodes of X-Files, listening to true crime podcasts, and the occasional physio session.   I wanted to do something productive with my time instead of feeling like I have done nothing, so I figured I’d try my hand at blogging, and here we are.  

Our family company, All Star Electric Ltd, was started in 1985, by my father Marv.  We currently employ 3 generations of Decks, my dad, me, my brother Cory, and my son Ryley, who at 20 years old, is just starting his journey in the trade.  We specialize in residential electrical and small commercial projects.  We pride ourselves on the highest quality of work and service that is second to none.  The attention we pay to these qualities have helped us to work with some of Saskatoon’s best builders and to be a part of some of Saskatoon’s finest homes.

Well that’s enough about me for now, but please feel free to comment about anything, or leave me suggestions of future posts or how I can make this blog better.   Thanks for read make sure to check back for updates.   Thanks Joel

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